Arnaud Lelevé, PhD HdR
Electrical Engineering Department of INSA Lyon, Université de Lyon, Lyon, France
Ampere Research Laboratory (CNRS UMR 5005)
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Research Interests

  • Robotics and Telerobotics
  • Haptics and Teleoperation Control
  • Surgical and Hands-On Training Robotics
  • Industrial Robotics

Professional Preparation

Arnaud Leleve graduated in Electrical Engineering from the Ecole Normale Superieure de Cachan (which became since, ENS Paris-Saclay), France, in 1996.
He received his MSc degree in 1997 and his PhD. degree in 2000, both in Automatic Control from the Universite de Montpellier 2, Montpellier, France.
He received his HdR degree in 2019 (Habilitation à diriger des Recherches - French diploma which permits to supervise PhD students on one's own and to evaluate other PhD reports and defenses).
He has been granted a Full Professor position since Sept 2022.


  • In 2000-2001, he was Half-time Assistant Professor at Universite de Montpellier, Faculté des Sciences to teach Computer Networks.
  • From 1997 to 2001, he was lecturer at CNAM Languedoc Roussillon, France, teachnig Automatic Control, Computer Networks
  • Afterwards, he has been Full-time Associate Professor at INSA Lyon (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées - National Institute for Applied Sciences), Université de Lyon, France since 2001.
    He teaches Industrial Automated Systems, Industrial Robotics and Systems Engineering in the Industrial Engineering Department.
    • Dr. Leleve was at first member of former ICTT (during 2001-2007).
    • This laboratory was then integrated into the LIESP lab where he stayed from 2007 to 2011 when this laboratory disappeared. He was working in E-Learning teams and focused on Virtual/Remote Laboratories in E-Learning applications.
    • In 2011, he joined the Automatic Control team of Ampere research laboratory (CNRS UMR 5005).
      His research interests now broadly involve the areas of robotics and systems control. More specifically, his research focuses on Haptics, Telerobotics and Medical Robotics with pneumatic actuators.
  • From 2004 to 2008, he was also lecturer at CNAM Lyon, France, teaching Realtime systems and fieldbuses

Research topics summary

His research topic is the study and design of haptic tools for hands-on training. During the first part (2001-2010) of his career as Associate Professor at INSA Lyon, he studied it in terms of computer based solutions : more exactly through E-Learning. Two approaches have been developed:
  • Design of a computer based tool [ELab Management System] to manage a flotilla of training apparatuses (used locally or at distance, and featuring common components: sensors, electric motors, PID controllers, ...) and facilitate the exchange of information with classical software such as Learning Management Systems (LMS) {PhD Benmohamed 2007} ;
  • SysML Modeling of a computer based tool [configurator] which facilitates the design of pedagogical (paper and electronic) content [Authoring tool] for laboratories on complex automated production systems, and its configuration {PhD Arnous 2011}.
Since 2011, his approach is on the mechatronics side. On his arrival in the Robotics team of Ampere research laboratory, he participated to researches on the teleoperation of pneumatic actuators, which allowed him to develop skills on pneumatic system control. He created a research topic about dual-user training systems (haptic simulation tools including at the same time a trainer and a trainee with the same tool for a common task). A first PhD (Fei Liu) defended his work on this topic in 2016. He currently supervises a second PhD student (Angel Licona) who extended Fei Liu's works to n degrees of freedom and haptic devices with different kinematics.
He participates with his colleague Richard Moreau to a research project concerning the design of training simulators in the medical domain. They design new control laws simultaneously controlling both electric and pneumatic actuators for epidural needle insertion simulation (PhD Thibault Senac). He also participates, to a lesser extent, to works on birth simulation (PhD Nicolas Herzig 2016) and needle insertion under ultrasonography (current PhD of Maria de Los Angeles Alamilla Daniel).
Recently, his research activity has extended toward farming robotics: He is leader of the Greenshield (2017-21) project which aims at proposing a robotized solution to replace pesticides in the crops by means of hyperspectral analysis and laser based pest destruction. See http://anr-greenshield.insa-lyon.eu/



  • Angel Licona, in progress, Ph. D., Robotics, 2016 – present, Collaborative Hands-on Training on haptic simulators


  • Thibault Senac, Ph.D., Robotics , 2016 – Oct 2019 Epidural Anaestesia Haptic Simulator
  • Iris Naudin , Ms. C., Surgery, lauréate du Prix Antonin Poncet, 2017
  • Emna Walha, B. S., Medical Robotics, 2017
  • Ana Ludeña Martı́nez, B. S., Medical Robotics, 2017
  • Carolina Navarro Valero B. S., Medical Robotics, 2017
  • Fei Liu, Ph. D., Robotics, 2013-2016, Dual User Haptic Training System
  • Oscar Pivard, B. S., Robotics, 2016
  • Alexandru Djaisibaev, B. S., Mechanics, 2016
  • Fabrice Gatwaza, B. S., Robotics, 2016
  • Thibaut Senac Ms. C., Medical Robotics, 2016
  • Charles Barnouin, Ms. C., Medical Robotics, 2016
  • Ophélie Serre, B. S., Farming Robotics, 2016
  • Morgane Guillas, B. S., Farming Robotics, 2016
  • Pierre-Jean Alès-Roux, Ms. C., Medical Robotics, 2015
  • Nemanja Babic, B. S., Computer Science, 2015
  • Maëlle Agbalé, B. S., Robotics, 2015
  • Deanne Dunward, B. S., Robotics, 2015
  • Saher Arnous, Ph.D., Computer Science, E-Learning, 2010-2014, Generic Design of a Configuration Tool for e-Laboratories
  • Ibrahim Abdallah, Ms. C., Medical Robotics, 2014
  • Arthur Naulin, B. S., Farming Robotics, 2014
  • Fei Liu, Ms. C., Robotics, 2013
  • Emilien Hameau, B. S., Construction Robotics, 2013
  • Laurent Koffel, B. S., Construction Robotics, 2013
  • Anaı̈s Brygo, Ms. C., Robotics, 2012
  • Julio Sandoval, Ms. C., Medical Robotics, 2012
  • Nicolas Galland, B. S., Automation, 2012
  • Andy Pajani, B. S., Automation, 2012
  • Kelly Heuzé, B. S., Construction Robotics, 2012
  • Nicolas Barret, B. S., Construction Robotics, 2012
  • Sean Hodgson, B. S., Robotics, 2012
  • Aymen Sghaier, Ms. C., Computer Science, E-Learning, 2008
  • Hcene Benmohamed, Ph.D., Computer Science, E-Learning, 2003-2007, ICTT@Lab : a framework for generation and execution of Remote Laboratory Scenarios
  • Jing Li, Ms. C., Computer Science, E-Learning, 2006
  • Nikki Guo, Ms. C., Computer Science, E-Learning, 2005
  • Abdoulaye Kabba, Ms. C., Computer Science, E-Learning, 2005

Professional Activities

  • Scientific Director of the Pesticide Free Robotized Pest Control in Agriculture project in collaboration with BF2I, FEMTO-ST et INL and Green Shield Technology start-up, 2017-2021
  • Scientific Director of Rhône Alpes area project INTELO to design and make a prototype of a robot inspecting undersides of train bridges [video], 2012-2015
  • Leader of Robotics Workgroup of Ampere Lab (since 2016)
  • In charge of the coordination of Robotic activities and industrial partnerships at INSA
  • Member of Recruitment Committee for Automatic Control at INSA Lyon (2004-2011)
  • Reviewer for journals: IEEE/ASME Trans. on Mechatronics, IEEE Trans. on Haptics, Elsevier Mechatronics, Elsevier Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, Frontiers in Robotics and AI, InTech International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems, Springer Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems, World Scientific Journal of Medical Robotics Research, IEEE Trans. on Learning Technologies, ...
  • Reviewer for conferences: ICRA, IROS, ...
  • Webmaster of Industrial Engineering Department
  • Expert in Robotics for Involve Volvo Challenge at INSA Lyon 2015

Event Administration

  • Committee Member and Session Chair for the International Conference on Smart Multimedia (since 2018)
  • Committee Member, Scientific Advisory Committee for the Jacques Cartier Colloquium about Robotics, Services and Health (nov 2015)
  • Organizer of INNOROBO INSA booths (2014-15)
  • Member of Organization Committee of conferences TICE'02 and ICDIM'07

Teaching Experience

Industrial Automation, INSA, 2001-today
This course introduces students to automation project managemement from the design to the prototyping. Students gain an understanding of: (i) Industrial Robotics, (ii) Automated Production Systems requirement analysis and design (automation components and programming according to IEC61631-C standard)

Haptics and Industrial Robotics, INSA, 2018 This course introduces haptic control and industrial robot integration and programming. Haptics principles are exposes along with theoretical approaches to perform it in teleoperation or simulation applications. The context and trends of industrial robotics are developped. Students gain an understanding on industrial robot programming principles.

Large Project Technical Management, INSA, 2001-today This course consists in the supervision and training of a group of 8 students working on an industrial application during 6 months, representing 3000 person hours. They gain an understanding, by practice, of project management and its classical phases from requirement analysis to evaluation.

Automatic Control, INSA and CNAM, 1998-200, 2009-2013 This course introduces Automatic Control from modeling to PID control. Students apply the theoretic content exposed during lectures in laboratories.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES), INSA, 2004-today This course consists in supervising groups of students prototyping a MES during 32h. Students gain an understanding by the practice of how to integrate such information system into a Production System.

System Ingeniering, INSA, 2015-today This course introduces System Ingeniering and SysML modeling. It presents the whys and wherefores of this discipline and apply it on a simple system context and requirement analysis. The remaining of the application is performed in Industrial Automation course.

Real Time Systems, INSA, 2008-2009 This course, in English, introduces Real Time Systems, their implementation and the basic methods of multithreading.

Computer Networks, INSA, 1997-2000, 2005-2009 This course introduced computer networking in theory and practice, for engineers focusing on Information Systems. Local and Wide Area Network common architectures were exposed and simple typical use cases were studied.

Problem Solving, INSA, 2001-2011 This lab was performed with the help of a Serious Game. Students were introduced with problem solving strategies and had to apply these methods and tools on a realistic case simulated in a Serious Game.


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